Why drinking cow milk is bad for you

The first time I heard this, I was flabbergasted. I mean, I had grown up drinking cow milk (mostly forced down my throat) and even as an adolescent, I thought it was a good thing for the bones. Most of all, it is used in almost everything sweet. How can you escape it? even if you wanted to?

But well, truth is, you can. And most of all you SHOULD.

Here’s why.

That milk has calcium is known universally and nobody is questioning that, but did you know that milk or any other animal product for that matter is acidic and therefore in the process of neutralising the acid, our body has to deplete our muscle reserves? Not only that, the excess calcium is almost always secreted along with urine as the kidneys cannot handle it. The second most important point to note is that, galactose, which is nothing but milk sugar actually leads to bone weakening. So much for the argument that milk is good for our bones. In fact, it is the leading cause of osteoporosis and is evident by the study that says that countries with least consumption of milk have the least cases of hip fractures, one of the many symptoms of bone weakening.

That is not all.

  • 90% Asian Americans cannot digest the lactose in milk and end up suffering from symptoms like diarrhea and gas.
  • Dairy products are associated with higher incidences of prostate and breast cancer
  • Drinking dairy products in infancy is linked to development of Type – II Diabetes later in life.
  • The higher amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat in cow milk has the potential to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Not to mention the hormones injected to cows and other adulterants finding their way into the drink.

So, what’s the way out?

The best option is to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, exercise regularly and reduce your sodium intake.



Here’s an infographic I made on it.

cow milk .png

Here’s the infographic in pdf – The truth about cow milk

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2 thoughts on “Why drinking cow milk is bad for you

  1. I found out milk was bad for you probably at the start of the year so I cut out all milk, and dairy and my body feels so much better for it. I am an exclusive soy drinker now and my skin is much healthier, I’ve lost weight and I don’t have bloat anymore. Isn’t it funny how they say one thing is good for us when it’s really very harmful. When you think about it though we are the only species to drink milk from another animal so logically thinking of course it would be bad for us.

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  2. So true!!!
    If you are drinking soy milk, make sure there are as little preservatives as possible. Or else make your own milk. Preservatives means chemicals and they are harmful too. Try making almond milk or coconut milk too, They are also supposed to be nice.


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