Quick carrot halwa recipe – no oil, ghee, sugar or milk/mylk

Ever since i became vegan and whole food plant-based, i have always wanted to try making carrot halwa but every recipe i looked online either used oil, ghee, sugar or milk – cow milk or other vegan alternatives. Moreover, i wanted a recipe that’s quick and easy yet is super tasty. So i made my own! Trust me, this tastes so fabulous, you will forget your traditional recipe…

Cooking time: max. 20 minutes.


4-5 carrots, medium sized – grated

10-12 dates soaked in a cup for atleast 1 hour

1 cup of cashews and almonds mixed


Directly put the grated carrots into the vessel and let it roast on low flame with a closed lid.

Cook the carrots till the raw taste goes away. You need to keep stirring so that it doesn’t stick to the pan.

After 5-10 minutes of roasting the carrots, you should notice the sweet aroma.

At this point, grind the soaked dates (along with the water) into a smooth paste and add to the carrots. Mix well.

Now powder the cashew and almonds leaving some for garnishing.

Add it to the carrot and dates mix. Mix well and let it cook for 10 minutes more with a closed lid on low flame.

Garnish with cashews/ almonds and serve hot!

PS: You will actually be able to savour the sweetness of the carrots in this recipe instead of milk and sugar in the traditional one. The dates and cashew/almond paste adds thickness to the carrots and gives a consistency similar to the original recipe.

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